Star Kids Media ~ A proposal to change the world!

Hello, and thank you! I have this cool idea and I want to share it with you!  It all started when I got frustrated after watching the umpteenth documentary on the increasing problems in the world.  I was frustrated because, as you know, we were promised a brighter future but instead things seem to be getting worse by the minute!  This made me feel even more powerless to really do anything meaningful about what is happening on our planet and then one day I had an epiphany!

At the time, I was working on a Sci-Fi film series called Star Kids: The Beginning, about children from another world who come to Earth to save it.  I began to realize that we could bring attention to a lot of these problems via this story. Not only could we do a movie about the Star Kids but we could tell their stories through additional forms of media as well.  So I decided to create an entertainment company through which to do this. Now we can tell the stories through TV, games, books even clothes. The main idea is that as the Star Kids characters attempt to solve the world’s problems, kids will watch or play or read these stories, and be inspired to help the world through some kind of action themselves.  Also, to help kids take action we will form an online club called Star Kids World Changers.  Cool right? I am really excited about this new direction.

Star Kids: The Beginning – The Film

Our first project was a series of short films called “Star Kids: The Beginning” (Originally The Star Kids Movie). This was a community effort produced in Seattle in partnership with many non-profits and community groups. That story showcased the origins of the Star Kids, how they came to be and leads up to the current project – “Star Kids: The Series”.  Learn more about Star Kids the Beginning here

The Star Kids TV Series

“Star Kids: The Series” is our current project and is a high production value original sci-fi series aimed at distribution thought the main online platforms such as Amazon or Google Play or Netflix. Find out more here.

Although the films are our current focus we have plans for many offshoot projects such as games, books etc. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed.

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My name is William Spiritdancer and I have over 25 years of entrepreneurial, technology, multimedia, and filmmaking experience.  
Look over the rest of the site and I hope you will consider joining our endeavor to effect real change in our world.

Thank you,

William Spiritdancer,

Founder, Star Kids Media