FilmStar Kids The Beginning

Star Kids: The Beginning

Star Kids The Beginning

Star Kids: The Beginning was our first project and it’s a series of short films that tell the origin story of how the Star Kids came to be – Four kids from Seattle who must save a world on the brink of destruction.  It was filmed in Seattle and the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

The Story​​
In this series of films, we meet the parents of the Star Kids who are doing their best to raise what appear to be very gifted children but then one day things take a turn for the worst!  Mysterious men attack and the kids are forced to leave the only home they have ever known. 

Made by Kids for Kids​​
Star Kids: The Beginning was produced with the help of Seattle film students, local teens and the Seattle community. 

The Producers
Star Kids: The Beginning is a project of Star Kids Media in partnership with The Dream Power Foundation and was fiscally sponsored by the Shunpike Arts Collective.  

Check out the Star Kids: The Beginning site for more! 

Star Kids: The Beginning screened at the SIFF (Seattle Film Festival)’s Uptown Theatre.