Inspiring kids to change the world!

Inspiring Kids to Change the World

The Main Idea
The main idea is that we will use fiction to inspired kids to act in the real world. Kids will be motivated by the example of the fictional Star Kids, the main characters, who will be positive role models.  The Star Kids stories will teach the positive values of Peae Love Truth and Unity necessary to do good in the world.   Though various dramatic stories the Star Kids will show kids how to take action to help the world.  These stories will be told in as many types of media as possible – TV, movies, games etc using beautiful graphic art (See the Art of Star Kids.) Then hopefully, having been inspired and motivated, kids will be ready to take action on their own to tackle some of the world’s many problems. To help them do this we will create an online club called Star Kids World Changers.   

To sum it up: Star Kids Media inspires and then Star Kids World Changers helps them take action.

The Story of the Star Kids
Star Kids is a sci-fi fantasy drama where life on Earth appears to be on the verge of collapse.   Four everyday kids begin a quest to save it. They meet many interesting characters who inspire, guide and mentor them along the way, but unfortunately they are chased by mysterious men who seem to be out to get them.  To make matters worse, the kids don’t in anyway seem prepared for this mission and in fact appear to have the opposite qualities that would seem necessary to achieve it. If they are to save the earth they will have to understand the many mysteries surrounding their quest. 

Our message to kids
Via both Star Kids Media and Star Kids World Changers the message to kids is:

“Like the Star Kids, you were born for a purpose. And that purpose is to heal this planet.  You have a passion.  This passion is your gift to the world.  It is what you love to do more than anything else.  It’s purpose is to be the tool you will use to heal the planet.  The world is in trouble. There are so many problems in the world today that need healing.  You will help heal the one you care about the most, the one that moves you the most.  You can do it by taking action today. You can make a difference in this world and the world is depending on you to make that difference.”  

I know that sounds kind of serious for kids but we will make it fun and exciting for them. Our goal is to create a youth movement that will be a catalyst for social change on the planet.  Who better to help solve the world’s problems then the very kids whose future is at stake. 

Star Kids Media Projects
Star Kids TV Series, Star Kids Animated Series, Star Kids Games (2d App, 3d PC game, Board Game, Card Game), Star Kids Publishing (books, comic books, graphic novels)

Star Kids Clothing Line, Star Kids Toys, Star Kids Merchandise (grocery bags, mugs, etc)

Star Kids World Changers
Mission: Guided by Peace, Love, Truth and Unity – to inspire, assist and guide kids to use their passion to help heal the planet by doing projects that have real impact in the world we live in today. 

Ideas for Star Kids World Changer Projects
Service projects, internship programs, Star Kids awards (best project, group, films, ideas, inventions), demonstrating, inventions, sustainable businesses, ideas for a sustainable world, forming groups, festivals etc.