Announcing the New Star Kids Media Studio!

We have some really great exciting news about Star Kids!  The first piece of great news is that we are launching a new media studio called Star Kids Media, LLC.  The purpose of the Studio is to allow us to get the Star Kids story out in as many ways as possible.  We did this because we realized that this story is so much bigger than any one form.  To that end, we are going to get the story out not only in film but also in animation, games, books, toys, and any other form we can think of!

The Star Kids TV Series

The Star Kids TV Series is an original sci fi fantasy show about four kids who must save a world on the brink of destruction.

Be a part of Star Kids!

There are many ways to support and be a part of Star Kids! Be a fan: by joining our Mailing list and or our many social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn. Buy something cool via our [ … ]

Star Kids: The Beginning

Star Kids: The Beginning was our first project and it’s a series of short films that tell the origin story of how the Star Kids came to be – Four [ … ]

The Animated Series

We plan to continue the Star Kids story with an  animated series done in a similar style as Nikelodoan’s Avatar the Last Airbender and the Dragon Prince.  Here are some [ … ]